Dedicated to producing high quality heat exchange products taht exceed the requirements of our Customer


Quality management ensures the best performance
Senior Flexonics quality strategy is based on optimum production facilities as well as total quality management systems that have been part of our company’s philosophy for over 15 years.
We are committed to providing quality excellence in all our business activities 
whilst making continuous business improvements in quality, delivery and cost by adopting and applying new technologies.
To be able to ensure the best quality, we insist that our suppliers adhere to strict quality standards.
Senior Flexonics is certified to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001.
Social Responsibility
As a socially responsible company, Senior Flexonics operation is based on environmentally compatible processes and products.

We incorporate environmental protection in all our activities and recognise that social responsibility is an essential part of our company strategy.

Our employees are trained so that they contribute to the company achieving its objectives through their combined quality and environmentally conscious actions.

We are accredited to ISO14001:2004 our environmental management system is based on this standard.