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In addition to in-house training opportunities, the setting is committed to continuous professional child care development for all our staff. Every member of staff is CRB checked – without exception, and all are trained in First Aid, Child Protection and Food Hygiene.

We will all be attending the courses mentioned  below before March 2011 to further enhance the diversity of the service we provide.

Language and Play, Numbers and Play Training:   A programme designed to support parents/carers and their babies and children (from birth to 3 years)- encouraging parents to share experiences with their children and promoting parental involvement, so that children become more confident and develop better speaking and listening skills to support their start at school.

The emphasis is on having fun with songs and rhymes, books and stories, games and in everyday routines or when out and about. 

 Inclusive Play Training.: The Inclusive Play training have made us even more aware that all children need a place to play.  Children and young people who are disabled need the same freedom to do so, in surroundings which stimulate imagination and challenge them to face and overcome risks.  This will give them the opportunity to build self-confidence and independence.  

These experiential workshops will give us the chance through group work, discussions and play to:
• Develop their understanding of the medical and social models of disability
• Identify and remove barriers within current play provision
• Examine the difference between integrated and inclusive play
• Explore the use of disabling language
• Be introduced to the Playwork Principles and learn to arrange new games and ways of adapting games

Autism Awareness: to equip staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that children with ASD’s are fully included in pre school provision. It is important to note that strategies suggested in the programme are based on best practice for all young children with a disability or additional learning needs.

Key Learning Outcomes:
It is essential that all staff are aware of these needs:
■ The difficulties they have in relation to social
interaction, communication and flexibility of
■ Strong reaction to certain sensory stimulation
can occur e.g. noise levels, texture of play
material or lighting which can cause additional
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