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Senior Flexonics, UK, are experts in designing, developing and manufacturing heat exchange solutions for the energy generation market and for the diesel engine market.

Senior Flexonics offers unparalleled product design, development, testing and manufacturing capabilities and is the Primary European Design and Development centre for heat exchange products.


Using our dedicated business teams we can focus on serving our customers with the latest technologies and providing unique diverse heat exchange solutions.

By adopting a “solutions” approach we utilise our vast application engineering skills to deliver highly innovative, fully engineered cost effective solutions from cathode air pre-heaters that operate at 10000C for use in solid oxide fuel cell micro CHP systems to exhaust gas recirculation coolers for diesel engines.

Our products are designed using the latest predictive techniques such as FEA and CFD and validated through  extreme testing in our test and development department to ensure excellent performance and durable, lifelong functionality.

Company certification to ISO 9001:2008 guarantees excellent performance and consistently high quality.

Senior Flexonics is dedicated to providing world class customer service and achieving a true partner relationship with each of our customers.

Senior Flexonics is part of the Senior PLC group.


Fuel Cell


Fully engineered solutions developed specifically for Fuel Cell and CHP applications.

  • Cathode Air Pre-heaters
  • Water cooled heat exchangers
  • High temperature recuperators
  • Condensers
  • Boilers

Land Vehicle

On & off highway

Our engineering skills have been employed to create bespoke solutions for diesel engine and land vehicle applications.

  • Fully Engineered EGR coolers
  • Co axial heat exchangers
  • Charged air coolers
  • Exhaust Line components
  • High pressure fuel lines and common rail


Power Generation


Tailored designs developed for unique applications within the power generation market.

  • Miniature heat exchangers
  • Recuperators
  • Fuel Reforming

Exhaust Heat Recovery

Truck, Automotive & Power Generation

Our engineering skills have been employed to create energy saving solutions for passenger car and truck applications.

  • Cabin Heaters
  • Organic Rankine Cycle